Equipping U

Equipping U


A Fall Vacation from Wednesday Night Programming
As summer comes to a close, the last couple of months might have included some traveling and vacation. Vacation is that time where we let go of the normal routine and responsibilities and intentionally invest that time doing something else. Maybe that’s getting through a list of projects around the house, or traveling to visit family, or a sightseeing some beautiful creation, or visiting a destination. Vacations can have all sorts of end objectives. But they are temporary and they are necessary. And when they all come to an end, the normal pace of life resumes once again.

As a leadership team, we have been talking and praying over the summer months about our Wednesday Night Programming. This evening of discipleship opportunities for all ages has been productive in it’s purpose. But as we enter into this season with a smaller ministry staff than we have had going into most semesters, we have decided to take a vacation. Remember, vacations are temporary and they still serve a purpose.

So what does this vacation from Wednesday Nights look like for 2017? We will not be having organized classes for all ages from 6:30-8:00pm each week from August through November. Instead, we want to encourage you to take advantage of that extra margin and consider investing that time into other opportunities.

Consider one of these:

  • Come encourage the ministry of Celebrate Recovery by being part of the large group from 6:00pm - 6:45pm on Thursday evenings. There are plenty of ways you can serve by simply saying hello, smiling, and shaking the hand some of someone that would love to know they are welcome here.
  • Use your Wednesday evenings to intentionally invite another family to join you for dinner. Just think that you could get to know as many as 12 families in the church that much more over the next few months. Prepare a simple meal, break out a deck of cards or a board game, share some laughs and then see each other on Sundays with a whole new level of relationship.
  • Make the evening meal on Wednesday night a family priority. Wednesdays are generally protected from a lot of extracurricular activities. Maybe there isn’t any other night during the week that you can all sit down together. Call it a middle-of-the-week-pow-wow. Listen to what is going on with each other. Celebrate small victories. Pray together about areas of concern.
  • If your home Discipleship Group is having a hard time finding time to get together, contact the church office and schedule a room to use at the church during the week. Pitch in for child care and have your babysitter join you at the church and watch the kids in an age appropriate room.