Marriage Mentors

Marriage Mentoring programMarriage is under attack from all sides. But it’s not enough for the church to lament what is happening to the home. Instead, the church must proactively bring the transforming power of the gospel into every home.

We have started the Marriage Mentoring Ministry to provide ongoing encouragement to the marriages of our church and community. This ministry exists to partner relatively happy, more experienced couples with couples who are just starting out in marriage, or with couples who are struggling, or with couples who want to strengthen an already stable marriage.

This is not a counseling ministry, but a ministry providing the opportunity for a more experienced couple to purposefully invest in another couple to effectively navigate a journey that they have already taken.

Marriage Mentoring works.
Research shows that couples who have marriage mentors are happier and healthier. We have couples who have gone through the training and are ready to come alongside you not as counselors, but as friends sharing with you the lessons they have learned. If you wish to take advantage of this great new resource, please download and fill out the Mentoree Application form to be paired with one of our trained Marriage Mentor couples. You can drop this form off at the church office.

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