Lead Pastor Transition

Updated October 17, 2018

The Search Team has been presented a slate of candidates from Vanderbloemen Search Group. Our Search Team was pleased with the recommended candidates.  The team is currently in the process of interviewing them.  Thank you for your continued prayers and support of this process.


Updated September 23, 2018

Our search profile has been live for 6 weeks. The BCC Search Committee had a mid-search check in with Vanderbloemen Search Group (VSG) on Monday, September 17. VSG informed us that since going live with our search:
  • Our job posting has been accessed online over 2,700 times.
  • Those clicks led to more than 80 individuals expressing interest by continuing to the “apply now” button.
  • According to Vanderbloemen Search Group, research shows that 10% of those who apply are likely candidates that our team would be interested in talking to further about our opening.  
Here are the Next Steps:
  • Vanderbloemen will take the 8 or so potential candidates through their interview and background check process.
  • Vanderbloemen will bring us the top 3-7 candidates in mid to late October 
  • BCC Search Committee will then get busy to choose the top candidate and have that person come for Sunday morning and preach
  • BCC Congregation will vote
  • If all goes well we should have offer and acceptance by late November or early December


Updated August 8, 2018 

Our nationwide search profile is now live and active for interested candidates to view and apply.  If you know of someone interested in applying for our Lead Pastor position, please direct them to this link:  https://www.vanderbloemen.com/jobs/batesville-christian-church-lead-pastor


Updated August 1, 2018

There will be an Elder Update at the church between services on Sunday, August 19th at 9:45AM to communicate Lead Pastor search progress and other pertinent information and updates.

We encourage our church family to join us all in prayer and fasting (as led) through the Lead Pastor decision before us! Current updates are below.

In accordance with the bylaws, the Elders established a pulpit committee in June. The pulpit committee is composed according to the bylaws with Chris Lehman and Vern Hackworth as Elder representatives; Greg Glaub & Paul Ehrman as Deacon representatives; and church members Jerry Bennet, Jeremy Miller, and Karen Ziegler.

The pulpit committee will investigate and recommend a Lead Pastor to the Elders. The Elders want to thank the members of the pulpit committee for their preparation and time invested so far.

As communicated in June, a search/recruiting group is assisting with communicating position needs, vetting candidates, researching candidates, and bringing candidates to the pulpit committee for consideration.

Below is an outline of the process, and the progress to-date:

Steps Completed:

  • July 15th: Tim Gocha from our partnering search group met with Batesville Christian Church to launch the search for our next Lead Pastor. This was a big weekend and Tim attended first service & met with the Search Committee, Elders, current staff, and others

  • July 25th: The ‘Search Assessment’ was delivered to Batesville Christian Church. Developing this document was a healthy exercise and serves as a common understanding, expectation, and foundation throughout the search process.

Next Steps Planned:

  • This week: The ‘Search Assessment’ is being edited and approved, and will be returned to partnering search group.

  • Our Lead Pastor search is relaunched to the public & sourcing/screening/interviewing of nationwide candidates begins.

  • Mid-Point Check-in call with partnering search group.

  • Tim presents candidate slate to the Search Committee.

  • Semi-finalist candidates interview at Batesville Christian Church.

  • Final candidate(s) return with spouse(s) for broader interviews.

  • Congregational vote taken by congregation.

  • Offer extended and accepted! 


Updated May 29, 2018

Mark Bond shared the following with the congregation on Sunday, May 29, 2018.  You may read the statement below or listen to his announcement here.

"I have an announcement to make this morning that is very personal and impacts you as the congregation.  Let me make two quick bullet points of information and then I’ll get to the heart of what I need to say this morning. 

First – We’re not leaving.  Many times, with an announcement like this, your mind and heart can jump to conclusions.  Please hear me out.  God clearly called us to this community 4 years ago.  While our family always wants to be open to what and where the Lord wants us to be, we are certainly at peace with where He has us here at Batesville Christian.

Second – I’ve been processing this for several months.  What I’m sharing with you today has been bathed in prayer and a lot of alone time with God.  There is no backstory.  There’s not an incident causing a tipping point.  There is not any real or perceived pressure from anyone on me.  I’ve had conversations with those I consider in my inner circle of influence and wisdom to help me process what the Lord has been doing in me.  This personal decision is one that comes with much peace and is not a result of anything more than me simply listening and responding.

So here is where my heart is:  I want to honor Jesus Christ and His Church with my life.  Our family loves this congregation deeply.  We also love this community and all the tremendous potential that is here in Batesville for the Kingdom of God.  Because of that, I am deeply convinced that where I have been in this role as Lead Minister for the last 9 months is exactly where I’ve needed to be.  I’ve described it as one of those “for such a time as this” moments.  For everything we’ve walked through as a congregation in the last year, I believe the consistency of a familiar heart was something the Lord desired from me and for this church.  I have no regrets in where the Lord has had me in the last 9 months.

Having said all of that, I have been processing a conviction that the chair of Lead Minister is not mine to sit in for the long haul.  I believe it is now time for someone new to come and lead all of us into our next season as the bride of Christ in Batesville.  

I am fully convinced that God has wired me to be a second chair leader. My skills and passions center around getting things done with an overflowing heart of worship.  Areas where I have formerly lead from allowed me to use my competency with confidence.  Because of that, I had more margin to do the extras that ministry demands which allowed me to be all the more genuinely invested in the lives of our congregation and community.

Should I continue in this role, I believe that over time I would develop the competency and confidence for the demands of Lead Minister. However, I don’t believe it is in the best interests of this congregation to wait on my development. The more I’ve processed this conviction, the more at peace I have become.  I know my God-given gifts, talents, and abilities and I’ve seen the fruit from where they have been best invested in the Kingdom.  I do not want to have any pride in me of where my name hangs on an office door or a title on a business card.  I want to be where the Lord wants me to be because that brings peace.

I made the request to our Leadership to transition back to the area of Worship Ministry.  I expressed to them that I am more than willing to continue as an Interim in the Lead Minister position until the right person is found.  I believe as a congregation we have a grand opportunity to be proactive in a staff transition rather than reactive to someone leaving.  We can plan and work and walk patiently.

The congregational support of me in this role as Lead Minister has been overwhelming.  Your timely encouragement of notes, texts and phone calls have been cold drinks of water to me in this season.  I selfishly ask for your continued support.  Beyond that, I ask for your support in advance for our next leader and our leadership as we all pray and seek the right person together."

From the Elders of Batesville Christian Church:

The Elders have accepted and approved Mark Bond’s request to transition to the position of Minister of Worship.  We want to thank Mark for his service and commitment to Batesville Christian Church.   

In accordance with the bylaws, the Elders will be appointing a pulpit committee that will investigate and recommend a Lead Minister to the Elders.  A recruiting company will be used to assist with vetting, researching and bringing candidates to the pulpit committee.  If you are interested in being considered for the pulpit committee, please submit your name to Chris Lehman by June 18, 2018.  Until a Lead Minister is hired, Mark Bond will continue to serve in his current position. 

This change does not change the flowchart that we shared with you earlier in the year concerning our staffing structure.